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The first party Shadé organized, more than a decade ago, was a huge success. It was super cosy and everybody had a great time. From that moment on she knew she loved bringing people together in that way and the idea of starting her own business sizzled.



Throughout the following years Shadé gained experiences within and outside the corporate world as a meticulous planner. And after organizing her own wedding she got certified as an event planner and started her own event planning agency, Fête & Company.


Coming from a Belgian-Ivorian background and having married into a Moroccan one, she discovered that their must be others experiencing the same challenges when it comes to organizing events. Especially mixing and blending different cultural elements and traditions.


Living in a multicultural world where people from all different types of backgrounds get married but also work together, the event industry needs to evolve as well. And Fête & Company's fresh and unique perspective is only something the industry and our clients can benefit from. With our knowledge, experiences and exposure to so many different cultures we firmly believe that including diversity is the way to go when it comes down to organizing events.


Fatima Zohra and Shadé have known each other for years and have worked together successfully on many different projects so when it came down to expanding the Fête & Company team and services, they did not have to think twice about teaming up.

Love is universal and so is Fatima Zohra's love for travel and events. Throughout her extensive travels in the past 12 years she has grown a strong love for cultural values and traditions. And aside from that she's also been very passionate about organizing and coordinating events. Nothing more satisfying than mixing travel and events together!  


Business events especially are her forte. Team-buildings, offsite incentives, family days, seminars, you name it she's organized it. And she's bringing that and so much more to the table.

She loves creating personal, elegant, fun and detail-oriented events. Paying attention to every detail from the first moment of contact until the follow up after the event is what she loves to do most!


At Fete & Company we embrace every project like a blank page waiting to be written. Together we tell a story where the client guides us, but Fête & Company takes the lead in creating a lifetime event with authenticity, creativity and precision.