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It  first  party  that Shadé more  then  10  year  past  organized was an immediate success.   It was fun and everyone had the best time. From  that moment she knew  that they  thought it was fantastic to bring people together in this way and the idea of starting my own business started to heat up.

Over the following years, Shadé gained experience as a precise planner both in the corporate world and beyond. And after organizing her own wedding party, she certified herself as  event planner and started her own event planning agency, Fête & Company.   

By her  Belgian-Ivorian origin and  to be married to a man with  Moroccan roots, she discovered that there  some other people  had the same challenges when organizing their parties. Especially when it comes to mixing different cultural and traditional elements.

And she realized that since we live in a multicultural world, where people from different backgrounds not only marry but also work together, the event sector must also evolve with it.


The fresh and unique perspective of Fête & Company is an added value for  the industry and our customers. With our knowledge and experience, we are convinced that integrating that diversity is indispensable to make people feel at home.




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